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Realty Consultants of Prescott, Inc. 902 E Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ 86301

What services do we perform for our clients?

Serve properties in the Prescott tri-city areas

In-house national credit checking 7 days a week

Follow the Prescott Police "Crime Free Property Program"

Drive by inspections monthly

Interior inspections twice yearly with report to property owner

Check all tenant references

Advertise vacancies at no cost to client

Manage maintenance and repairs.  All repairs by individual

contractors with bids for all repairs over $350.00.  All major

repairs performed by licensed contractors

Provide client references upon requests

Provide monthly statements

Prepare 1099 forms for tax purposes Pay city sales tax, when applicable Mortgage payments paid by request at no additional charge Use Arizona approved real estate forms only Provide owner and tenant with copy of the Arizona Landlord/Tenant Act

How are we different from other

property management companies?


7 Day Service

Emergency calls 24-hours a day

Individualized service Competitive rates No set-up fees No hidden fees No annual fees Full real estate sales service for investors

Important Information you should know when renting your property.

Why are tenants frequently late with the rent?  Why do they leave without  paying?

There can be numerous reasons.  The MOST common reason is INCONSISTENT MANAGEMENT styles.  REALTY

CONSULTANTS OF PRESCOTT offers consistent property management at competitive rates, with no hidden fees, and

with a unique management team.

Rental Properties: Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey and Surrounding Areas

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